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Cyber Bugs are a Growing Threat!

Our team can help you achieve security assurance in the workplace, preventing the emerging use of hardware bugs.

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Advanced Threats

Have A Professional On-site Bug Sweep!

Profesional Analysts

Our technical surveillance countermeasure analysts are top-tier with backgrounds in the British Army Royal Signals and Intelligence.

ISO 27001 A.7.4 Physical Security Monitoring

An ISO 27001:2022 compliant physical security procedure with routine testing intervals.

Supply Chain Reassurance

Showcase your security diligence to stakeholders. Bring on new customers with high-security requirements.

Unique Blend of TSCM & Cyber

We bind both traditional bug sweeping with a new era of cyber bug detection including embedded hardware and cyber intrusion devices.

Clean Bill of Health Certificate

Once a sweep is completed a clean bill of health certificate is provided for your record.

“CyberSweep™ are committed to protecting UK industry against espionage”

– The CyberSweep Team

Ongoing Privacy Protection

Routine Test Discounts

We want to help you achieve heightened security assurance for a greater length of time rather than just once.

Establishing a long-term relationship gives you better security with additional benefits and discounts.

Annual Testing

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  • Prompt On Demand Testing
    • Ongoing Support
      • Awareness Training Resources
        • Security Policy Review
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